Atlanta Falcons Programs on CW69

Falcons Playback

This show airs Mondays at 6pm on Atlanta's CW69 and is hosted by Randy Waters and DJ Shockley. It offers a comprehensive analysis of the team's most recent game and features exclusive content and interviews. Every week, DJ breaks down the game's biggest plays!

Falcons Inside The Locker Room

 This is a one hour pre-game show which airs Sunday mornings at 11am on Atlanta's CW69. It is hosted by Randy Waters and DJ Shockley, with contributions from Wes Durham and Dave Archer of the Falcons radio broadcast crew. Each week, we'll prepare you for the game with insight and analysis, as well as exclusive interviews with Falcons players and coaches. 

Falcons Rise Up Weekly

 This weekly half hour airs Saturday nights at 11:30 pm on Atlanta's CW69. It is filled with unique content about the players and the Falcons organization, both on and off the field. Hosted by DJ Shockley and William Moore, it's a fast half hour of football talk and fun.