2019 Southeast Region Emmy nominee for falcons playback


Established in 2006, we are an award winning Atlanta based company with an expertise in sports related television and digital content. We also excel at traditional corporate digital work for all platforms. Scroll down to learn more about us.

About Us

Top Quality Video Production


Quality television production requires experience, talent, creativity and expertise. We use the latest technology to insure the highest possible standards, but it's not all about technology. It's about a professional standard of excellence. We strive for that in everything we do. 

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Our Award Winning Team


 Our staff consists of Emmy Award winning producers, reporters, editors, hosts, and videographers. Our people are the BEST at what they do! The staff of Big Dog Productions has the necessary professional talent and skill set to help you create the quality content you need. 

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Our Partners


 You are our client, but we prefer the term partner. We want to work with you to help you achieve your goals - on time and on budget! Eventually the word partner won't be good enough - we'll be friends. That's just how we do business. Our business is to help you with your business, and we value that relationship. 

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